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For Someone Lovelier Than the Prettiest Flower

Rose Day is celebrated throughout the country by many young lovers marking their special romance through the methods of gifting each other as a part of a holistic celebration leading upto Valentines Day. This special day holds a great value to those expressing their love through the most beautiful of gestures and gifts. This isn’t a tradition however exclusive to lovers- a colour code of the roses is used to express different kinds of love towards friends as well.

Send rose day gifts to india this year to someone special and decide which among the following should be sent to whom.

The Rose Day sets the mark of the beginning of the Valentine’s Week.

Red or Pink Roses

No colour speaks of love like red and no flower speaks of love like the Rose. A combination of these two beautiful features blend in to make the most romantic gestures that can be achieved by gifting. Send Rose Day gifts to India this year to a lover by choosing a beautiful bouquet of wonderful and bright red or pink roses promising a future together and symbolising all romantic feelings that’s being held for someone. A red rose is an age old symbolism of undying romance- no matter the age or gender- a lover’s smile is guaranteed upon being gifted with these beautiful flowers.

Choose just one beautiful one or three dozen- the number doesn’t matter as much as the thoughtfulness and gesture on the wonderful day.

Yellow Roses

Send Rose Day Gifts to India to close and dear friends and don’t let friends be forgotten during this Valentine’s week. The colour yellow symbolises happiness and hopefulness and yellow roses are a promise of close friendship and continuing bonds that are long lasting and full of good times ahead. Symbolise all the good memories made with friends and the many more that are to come by sending yellow roses on this rose day to special friends who deserve attention no matter when and where.

White Roses

The most beautiful emotion and relationship of all that is not with family is one that with one’s closest and best friend. Send Rose Day gifts  to this special friend, the best of them all in the form of white roses with the promise that this bond is for life. Symbolism of eternal bonds and promises to have one another’s back is expressed through this extremely beautiful symbol of purity and peaceful co existence. These make the perfect gifts for someone who there is never a need to have any quarrels with. There are no worries of any betrayal and everything is beautiful and transparent much like the white roses.


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