Choose the simple things to make this Valentine’s Day meaningful

With Valentine's Day celebration becoming a thing, every year couple is seen struggling to come up with unique ideas to impress their dates. All that pressure with selecting gifts makes it much more like a task than romance. Expensive rings, a bouquet of 1000 roses, maybe, a fine dining and couple spa sessions, or what not. But, the truth is while you were busy finding love in the most unique and expensive of things; love chose to be in the simplest of places and in the corner of your room.

You really do not have to look for big things to impress your date and just collect the simple and special joys that you would want to share together. It all can start from your happy place. But, yes that doesn’t mean you can miss out on Valentine’s Day gifts. Just keep it simple with things you do and it will make it just perfect.


1.    Breakfast in bed date in the morning: This will probably make them the happiest, as who wouldn’t want a perfect morning with everything being served on their best side. While you are at it, you can slip in Valentine gifts on the tray for adding on to the joy. This way you get a great way to sit and converse before you get on with your separate schedule for the day.

2.    Surprise them by visiting during lunch hours: Just because you have to go to work that day, doesn’t mean you cannot do something special. Also, it doesn’t have to be special but, meaningful. What could be more meaningful than you showing up unexpectedly during lunch hours? Also, here the Valentine’s Day gifts could be chocolates and flowers.

3.    Go for a walk together: Yes! This is as simple as you can get. At times, all you need is just some time with each other and this could make it much more of a celebration. With that boring and regular life, being with each other and for each other is lost. Regain the time by just taking a small walk and connecting over the conversation. This will be a great valentine evening.

4.    Cook for them: If you are in love, a bowl of instant noodles in the balcony is as great as fine dining in a restaurant. In the end, it is all about love so, even if you are low on skills when it comes to cooking you can always rely on instant noodles. Also, back it up with lovely Valentine’s Day gifts, in case of cooking is not really your thing, not even instant noodles.


The point is, Valentine’s Day did not come with a checklist of only the lavish and expensive things. Love can also be found in the things that keep you connected and brings you together. There is a reason that two people are together. That reason now needs a way to thrive, Valentine’s Day is the way. Send Valentine gifts to surprise sweetheart. There are ways to make things easier and less effortless to proceed.

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